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Art from the Heart

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Art from the Heart with Photography/Videography

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A 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit since 2008.  We believe that Art has the potential to be used as a means for individuals to express how they feel.  Art is the basis for our Programs for adults and youth. The therapeutic potential of art is often seen when adults and youth express how they feel after completing an activity.
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Lucien Crump Gallery Art Education Resource Center, Inc.


            OUR MISSION

Women in Transition

Youth 8 - 12 years dealing with grief and loss

5th & 6ht Graders Science & Math

Adults dealing with loss and/or grief

To promote and provide art education with an emphasis on youth and at-risk populations and to employ art activities as a means of raising self-esteem.

Art from the Heart -- for women in transition

Art from the Heart with Photography Videography - for youth 8 -- 12 years dealing with grief and loss

Art 2 Science -- for 5th and 6th Graders Math and Science emphasis

Moving Forward After Loss -- for adults dealing with job separation, empty nest, divorce, or death of loved one.

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Loretta C Tate, MS

The Lucien Crump Gallery Art Education Resource Center, Inc. exist to carry on the legacy of the founder of the Lucien Crump Art Gallery -- J. Lucien Crump, II. He was compassionate towards youth as an Art Teacher and women, especially single parent women. All Programs have been created with Lucien's commitment to youth, women, and Art.

We provide opportunities to women and youth to discover the "inner self" using Art as a medium for expressing feelings. Art is used as a form of Expressive Therapy.

Youth are able to make visual what they often are not able to do verbally.